Kick-start of The Great Indoors 2014 campaign

7 january 2014

With the launch of the new Great Indoors website, Desso, the global carpets, carpet tiles and sports pitches company continues its commitment to the agenda of health and wellbeing in the indoor built environment.

Visual the great indoors online 650 x 300px.indd

“With half the world’s populations living and working in cities, the need to ensure we create interiors that promote health, wellbeing and productivity is ever more critical,” says Desso CEO Alexander Collot d’Escury. “We spend 90% of our time indoors and people are increasingly aware of issues such as air and sound quality, workplace design and the use of healthy materials in products as well as other green standards. They want companies to work extra hard at ensuring that all the elements that make up their inner world have a positive impact on health and wellbeing and productivity. That is our agenda at Desso and the reason why we are strengthening our Great Indoors campaign.”

Desso’s Great Indoors campaign aims to raise awareness of the ways in which architects, designers and other key stakeholders can boost health and wellbeing from offices to schools to hospitals and more. Desso’s new website on the Great indoors publishes opinion and short reports on the latest developments.

Related to the health and wellbeing agenda is Desso’s commitment to the circular economy, a restorative system that aims to reduce the wastage of precious natural resources and encourage the manufacture of goods that can be recycled in a healthy way. At its core is the need to design out toxicity when choosing the materials for products. Desso has been developing products according to this concept since 2008 following the Cradle to Cradle® human health and environmental guidelines. This includes the DESSO AirMaster® carpet that reduces the amount of potentially harmful fine dust in the atmosphere as well as the DESSO SoundMaster® which reduces unwanted noise.